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Zip recruiter is one of the most popular job board for job seekers nowadays, which makes it a great platform for recruiters to source for qualified candidates for job openings. It’s simple to use and has a user friendly interface makes it a lot more easier to use. My husband and I own a business and we recently were ready to hire someone for our front counter help and I instantly thought of Zip Recruiter to put my opening job on. I was very happy that it wasn’t up for long and it got many views and we got quite a few resumes, so I am very pleased with the outcome. I love how easy it was to set up a job description and maneuver through the site to put in what I needed for my open position. I could easily edit the job description at any time and track how many hits my opening received. The ability to comb through resumes efficiently was great. Within 15 minutes of creating a job post, we had a list of 12 candidates who were more than qualified for the position.

 I highly recommend Zip Recruiter for both hiring and getting hired. This is a simple and straight forward for both. As far as using this to hire employees it is competitive on pricing and had some high quality applicants. We used this to hire an office admin and a developer. I can’t remember what we paid but I want to say it was one of the cheapest job recruitment companies. We received over 200 applicants for the office admin position. It is a simple process of scanning through applicants. You can mark the ones you are interested in and the ones you are not. I was able to find a job on Zip Recruiter from a high quality employer. Finding a job is pretty easy and straight forward. You can search companies, titles, roles, etc. You can be notified by jobs you might be interested in. Once you upload your resume and update your profile most of the jobs you can apply with a one click process. The application for IOS and Android is one of the best things about this. It was simple to use to scan through all of the applicants and useful to be able to do it anywhere. Looking for jobs on the app was clear and straightforward. It is a clean and well developed app.

Ziprecruiter is one of the most comprehensive and if not a all in one solution to your recruiting needs. It allows you to search and keep track of all candidates that you are currently working on and has worked on in the past. ZipRecruiter also offers a wide array of coverage in terms of industries.

Everything I tested was responsive and worked as expected. Would I recommend? If you are in need of employment or employees in the technology fields that ZipRecruiter focuses on the ZipRecruiter is a valid and capable choice. It has a clean design and doesn’t get tiresome after putting in hours for you job/hiring search.It has a very simple layout/design and intuitive user interfaces. Black, white, and pops of green keeps your attention focused on the information at hand. On the aspiring employee’s side of things it is fast and looks clean. The focus on the technology-based fields was what drove me to choose Ziprecruiter. The specialization makes things either on both sides of the equation, in my opinion. Job seekers have fewer listings to sift through with a high percentage of relevancy, whereas, the employers receive applicants experienced in their field. This system helped us expand our net for potential candidates. We have multiple warehouses across the country and are looking to fill positions at each. Having the visibility that ZipRecruiter provides for our postings gives us a better chance of finding a qualified candidate.

There we have to look at hundreds of resumes a day and this provided a good pool but sometimes it got repetitive. We had one account but many that could post positions and we could switch and alternate if we maxed it out. I found to be a good tool to source and post positions and get traction with candidates. It just depends on the audience you are working with that you need to keep in mind.I liked that I could “peruse” at a resume without having to open it or click on it, so that made scrolling thru them much faster.ZipRecruiter does the work of a team of HR Specialists. It organizes, filters and captures information so that the HR Dept can best place its candidates for open positions. Its ability to organize and share job descriptions makes it definitely worthwhile.

This platform is an excellent entry level tool and affordable with several price-points to suit your company’s needs. They also have an excellent free trial month so you can see what you get. They use (as far as I can tell based on their marketing) an aggregate model where their ad goes to several other sites so you get a decent bang for your buck. I’ve noticed a lot of marketing on TV and radio lately too, so they are becoming a more household name. If your recruiting/HR sourcing needs feature positions that are standard/generalized but may require some additional exposure, this is a good method with an intuitive platform for posting. However, if you are looking for a new sourcing tool to reach hard to fill positions such as physician recruitment, top tier IT professionals, etc., this will likely disappoint. It is a great product for a recruiting team that isn’t a specialty staffing firm and just needs a resource that is cheaper than Careerbuilder/Monster/Indeed paid model. The free trial software and aggregate method of this software lets you test it out before committing. They are confident in their product. It is easy/intuitive to use.

The layout was beautifully done and very user friendly! It was easy to navigate between resumes and the different job postings that I have posted. There are a slew of options to create projects or separate lists so you can save candidates where needed. It also provides you statistics of your job posting/applications. The sales contact I had was super helpful and not pushy at all. I recommend it to everyone!

The free trial link is here, you can have a try 

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