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Jobber is one of the big players in the field service management software field, and it shows. Their desktop offering is comprehensive enough to satisfy managers, and the jobber app streamlined enough to help field technicians.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s actually the mark of vision on behalf of Jobber’s product design. It suggests that Jobber is able to distinguish between the needs of different people doing different things with their software.

I have used previous web-based billing software in the past & they couldn’t touch Jobber’s product in ease of use, mobility, & customer service. Jobber is very easy to use & navigate. It’s step-by-step job creation to billing has shaved tons of time off of my daily billing. The load times are blazing fast too. The mobility aspect of Jobber was the main reason why I tried Jobber over a year ago. Jobber has a mobile version of their site that is optimized for smartphones & tablets so you can use it while you are in the field working. Finally, Jobber’s customer service is astounding! The Jobber staff will often answer any questions you have within an hour, even after work-hours sometimes. Since Jobber is always being improved and further developed, they often fix and resolve any glitches within minutes. They are always adding new features to Jobber, many of which customers have suggested. They keep their customers informed of their improvements through blog posts & e-mail newsletters.

The best thing Jobber does for me is save time. Jobber is an awesome tool for scheduling, invoicing and record keeping, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere! I can process invoices and record payments in just a few hours instead of a few days! The Jobber team provides amazing customer service, and the software is improving all the time. After a 3 year long search I am very happy to have found such a quality package, do yourself a favor and try it out

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