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With the general postponement of offline public recruitment services, corporate online recruitment has shifted to the front line. Online recruitment platforms have become the main source for companies to obtain talent information. In-depth use of recruitment platform channels has enable HR to improve recruitment efficiency during the epidemic. There are many recruitment platforms on the market. For HR, these platforms are similar in their usage habits. In addition to the number of resumes on the platform, HR also values the high matching, high recommendation and high feedback rate of the platform. Therefore, whether the platform is easy to use is mainly based on the activeness of job seekers on the platform, High-quality talent resumes, job review delivery volume, talent matching, communication feedback rate, and recruitment safety under the current epidemic, mufti-dimensional matching and communication can truly improve HR recruitment efficiency.

  I came across ZipRecruiter when I started to hunt jobs and it gave me a pleasant experience, and I finally got the a job from that. I want to share my experience with you.

  First, about ZipRecruiter, ZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart matching technology to actively connect millions of employers and job seekers.They have over 700 employees in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Israel. Their  headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve helped over 1.8 million businesses of all sizes (from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies) find great candidates. ZipRecruiter are rated #1 by employers in the U.S. 80% of employers who post a job on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. Over 25 million job seekers come to their site on average each month. Every day, 9 million active job postings are available to search. They have the #1 rated job search app on Android and iOS. ZipRecruiter is one of the leading job posting and enrolling site on the globe. Managers of all size organizations utilize this site to connect with job applicants and fill vacant positions.

Ziprecruiter made it fast and easy to apply to multiple positions within minutes. You could applied as many positions as you want on the site and heard from a few of the employers. Whenever an employer contacted me to set up a phone screening or in person interview, I made an effort to read reviews of the company on sites like glassdoor and others that would come up when I googled “Company X reviews” before accepting the interview. Ziprecruiter contains many communication method, including message, call requests, skype requests, and interview requirements. ZipRecruiter makes it easy to apply to many jobs with their Quick Apply button, there is not a better way to find a new job.The best part about ZipRecruiter is that as an applicant you feel like your application is not being missed and is going out to all the right places.

It’s easy to get your information in and get set up to start searching and applying for jobs you are interested in.

Overall I’ve gotten jobs within a week from Ziprecruiter that pays good money. I moved from NC to Maryland and I needed to find work and they solved that issue so quick I love zip recruiter and they helped me build a resume’ with little experience. You can even download the resume’ put it on other websites if you need to. I definately recommend this platform. I got like 7 jobs that called me back in less than a week! And I only put in 20 mins of work applying you cant beat that at all! Despite the scams it’s really good to use. Just look up the companies on the Better Business Bureau and ask for their Employee ID # if it’s a company you don’t recognize or know. Simple gestures on your part can clearly override that part until they fix the Employers that can use there site.

I LOVE LOVE how easy it is to use. You can upload a resume’ or create a profile on their system with ease. They have easy 1 click skills you can add to your resume’ that makes you stand out. Even if you not that good with Resume’s this platform will make you seem like you been doing them all your life. They have customized searching and geographic job searching you can even pick the mile radius on where your looking for work. So if I wanted a job with 5 miles of my home I can refine the search and BOOM it will only pull up jobs within a 5 mile radius. I absolutely LOVE that feature because I take care of my grandma and grandfather so I need to stay close by to the house. They require ALOT of my time so I dont have hours and hours to fill out applications. Zip Recruiter has taken that into account for you with 1-Click Applies. You just refine the search to 1-Click Applies only. And I’m telling you! I applies to like 30 jobs in less than 20 mins. It’s so amazing. I mean like it’s almost genius honestly. They automatically send your resume’ to companies effortlessly. Some job require additional questions but they are quick and easy to do. And that’s not all the companies respond to you quickly I’m talking same day sometimes. By the end of a week I’m trying t to choose which job I wanna pick which interviews to go to on. You can customize the type of jobs you want. It’s like job applicator heaven. They send confirmation emails so you can keep track of where your applying. Great app that has helped me generate and secure some good interviews and opportunities.It helps you to reach a more broader spectrum of opportunities jobwise.

  I find ZipRecruiter to be a very valuable tool for anyone looking for a job and I highly recommend it to anyone! Take advantage of the awesome promotions they run from time to time and you will not be disappointed!

The free trial link is here, you can have a try 

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