Bank Statement Analysis

In the Quarterly Banking Profile, the performances of insured institution and community bank are illustrated. Also, the Insurance Fund Indicators are analyzed too.

  For the Insured Institution, some large banks spent less on the litigation fees. There is a slightly growth in revenue which made the net income of fourth-quarter to $40.8 billion. The earnings has increased too. Less banks reports negative quarterly net income from 9.9% to 9.1%. ROA has increased to 1.03%. The net operation revenue has increased $6.8 billion to $174.3 billion, which is about 4.1% than a year ago. More than 68% of banks have shown year over year growth in revenue. The average net interest margin grown slightly form 3.12% to 3.13%. 45% of banks has net interest margin growth most of which occurred in large banks. Total non interest expenses declined $2.7 billion which is about 2.5% than that of the year ago quarter. Litigation fees of some largest banks fell about $2.4 billion which is about 80% from the quarter before. Higher quarterly provisions were reported. The loss provision is the largest in three years. There is an increase of $690 million to $10.6 billion which is about 7% growth from last year. Net charge-offs of loans increased $512million. Credit card charge -offs has increased with the increasing of total credit card balances. The charge-offs of other loan categories declined.

  For the Community Bank sector, it reported that there is a $198.7 million growth which is 4% in the last quarter of 2015. 57% percent of total 5735 community banks reported increase in earnings then a year ago. About 9.6% of community banks are unprofitable. Net interest income and non interest income has increased, the net interest income has a growth about $1.1 billion which is about 6.5% growth. The growth of this two indicators lead to the growth of net operating income. While net interest margin declined to 3.6%. The net interest margin of community banks is about 3.05% higher than non community banks. There is a declining in the share of long term assets in the community banks. The non interest expense increased $829 million to $15.5 billion which is about 5.7% growth than a year earlier. There is an increase in the full time employees while 2.8% declines in the non community banks. Among the total assets of community banks, Loans and leases occupied 67.8% which is the highest since 2009.  56% of community banks increase their loans to business. The commercial and industrial loans increases led to the increase in the small business loans. Total assets and total deposits of the FDIC insured institutions grown in the last quarter of 2015. There also shown an increase in the insured deposits which is about 1.8% growth .

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